Latest features added in the new v4.2 of PHP Business Directory

php script show businesses around physical location

New functionality to show companies around the user's location

This new functionality allows to get automatically the user's location from the browser and show a map with the companies near him. There is also a search from on the main page allowing to search the companies within a specified distance from the current location.

Setting the business hours

The users now have the possibility to add and edit their business hours - the information is displayed after on the business details page on the main site.
php script business directory set business hours

claim business listings php software

Claiming business listings

This new functionality makes possible for the users to claim very business listings - they can fill a form, sending a message to the website administrator who can review the claim and assign the listing to the users. The functionality could be especially useful when the business listings are bulk imported from csv files, in order to allow the companies to get possession of their listings after that.

Multiple images and videos for the business listings

The administrator can now allow multiple images or for example to allow an YouTube video to be added to a listing - this can be set separately for the different listing packages / pricing plans and in this way to allow more images, video or more categories to the more expensive business listing plans.
multi images and business video php script

zip distance search business listings php

ZIP distance and location search functionality

The feature allows the users to search business within a selected distance from a ZIP code or from their current location (automatically taken from the browser).

Automatically sharing the business listings on a Facebook fan page

When this functionality is turned on, the business listings added on the website can be automatically shared on a Facebook fan page when approved by the administrator. You can check the Facebook page of our default demo website to see an example of that.
automatically sharing business listings on facebook fan page

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PHP Business Directory Main Features

Responsive website layout

Adapting front site layout, optimized for mobile devices like tablets and phones

SEO Friendly

Using urls looking like static html pages, keywords in the page titles and descriptions and others to improve the ranking of the website in search engines

Administration panel to manage the configuration options

Manage and set the different configuration options like your own business categories list, time zone, currency, payment settings and others

Google Maps integration with GeoCoding

Allowing the users to quickly add a map to their listing using their business address


Using a language file, which can be easily translated to new languages. Ready translations are also available, contact us for details.

Pricing plans management

Functionality for the administration to create different pricing plans with different features (like featured or regular status, numer of categories in which the listings can be submitted, dofollow or nofollow links) and charge the users depending on which pricing plan they select for their business listing


Functionality allowing the users to rate the companies and write reviews for them

Browse the business listings by map

Functionality to browse the businesses listings and companies by map

Template based

The front site design is template based, the templates can be customized and also new custom ones can be added

Different front site sections like Recent Listings, Top Rated and others

The different sections / pages on the front site like Recent Listings, Top Rated, Most Popular, Recent Reviews allow the visitors of the website to review quickly for example the top rated companies etc.

Integrated web installer

The integrated web installer makes easy the installation on your server or hosting package; we also offer free installation on request

Customize the website colors and design from the admin panel

Functionality allowing the administrator to customize the website colors and design directly from the admin panel - choose between predefined colors and skin or set custom accent color

Adding custom fields from the administration panel

Functionality for the administrator to create custom fields for the business listings directly from the admin panel and without having to modify any of the source files.

Integration with PayPal, 2checkout, Skrill and others

Integration with PayPal and other payment systems in order that you can use your preferred payment system to charge the users

Banners Management

feature allowing the administrator to create different banner areas and let the users upload banners in them (by charging a fee)

WebSite Content Management

Modify the content of the pages with the WYSIWYG editor

Add New Pages, Remove or Rename the existing ones

Add new pages easily (that will show up in the website navigation menus) directly from the admin panel, set the content you prefer

and many others ... click here to check out our demos

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